If you need money quick, have not got much time to waste and you want to avoid vigorous credit checks a lot of hassle, payday loans could be the answer. A lot of applications for such loans can be made on the telephone and online, therefore it is quite simple, user friendly and does not take long at all to get your money in your account.

A benefit of such a loan is that it is not absolutely fixed, therefore if you wish to extend your loan for whatever reason; it is likely that you are able to. The application process is not too difficult and there are no difficult criteria that you must overcome, the general criteria is that you must have a valid UK bank account, be a UK resident and be over the age of 18, furthermore some providers require you to receive a regular payment, but not all do so it is advisable that you check around before starting the application. Another benefit of such a loan is that most companies operate on a 24/7 basis, so even during the night or even on a Sunday, you may still be able to secure a loan.

So if you are in need for money to be provided into your bank account in a single day, or even in just a few hours, payday loans are able to facilitate this need. But it should be noted, that most payday loan companies only offer amounts in the hundreds, with only a few stretching to a couple of thousand, but there are a few who offer a lot, but it is best to compare providers with APR%.