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Sometimes, you may need extra cash right in the middle of the month. This is no problem when you have cash stashed away in a contingency account. But if you have no extra money and you run out of gas, your car breaks down, you or your child suffers an injury that needs urgent medical attention, or you need to pay your bills, you will need to get cash as soon as possible. One of the common ways to access cash is by applying for payday loans.

A payday loan is a short-term loan that you can take against your next salary. The lender will offer you a cash advance, and you can pay when you receive your salary. With payday loans, repayment is due in the next 30 days. One good thing about payday loans is that the application is simple and you will get the funds fast when you are approved.

Payday loans are a convenient way of accessing fast cash. You are not required to go a long distance to apply. You can apply from the comfort of your home. As long as you own a laptop with a good internet connection, you can easily apply on your own. When your loan request hits our system, we will immediately share them with our pool of lenders. You will receive your response in minutes.
When you decide to get a loan through us, you enjoy considerable flexibility. Our lenders will not determine how you spend the cash. You can use the cash for anything you need to use it for, but you should repay it on time.

Application Process

To begin, just complete the application form. We will share your loan request information with our pool of lenders. They will review your application and send their offers to you. You will also need to consider the proposals and select which one will satisfy what you need. When you select the lender, all interactions will be limited to you and the lender. You should not that you are not under any obligation to choose any lender. Hence, you can go through the offers and choose the offer that will work for you.

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Although we have mentioned that the application process is simple, you may be wondering if you qualify for this loan. It is easy for you to be eligible since the requirements are simple. You will need to be an American citizen. To prove this, you will be required to present a valid ID card. You will need a valid bank account since the cash will be disbursed into that account when the process is complete. You will need to provide your contact information preferably, your phone number and email address.

Be aware that you will have to show them your social security details along with your proof of employment. One of the most essential qualification requirements is the proof of a steady source of income. This is because the lenders are offering you the loan based on your next salary. You should also be at least 18 years. The lender may also look at your credit score. Usually, the rates are calculated based on your interest rate. If you have a high credit score, your loan rates will be lower. This is because lenders are of the opinion that it is less risky to people with high credit score since they are more creditworthy.

Interest Rates and Loan Repayments

Since lenders have different APRs and terms of lending, you will need to be cautious about what you are signing up for. Don’t worry, the lender will always let you know about their rates for interest and other fees. When you are not clear about any cost, ask the lender about it. All fees and rates will be added to the loan amount, and you will repay it along with the loan. You will not make payments before the loan is offered to you.

Since you need to repay such loans within 30 days, it is important to plan towards it. You should start planning your repayment budget and schedule the moment the cash hits your account. You can set a reminder so that you do not miss the repayment date. The lender will even send you a reminder a few days before the due date.

There is also an alternative repayment option; the lender can ask you to sign a post-dated check so that they cash out the money on the due date. With this ash in your choice, you will only need to leave enough account before the due date.

It is important not to default on your loan because it will influence your chance of requesting for a loan by the off chance that you would need one in the future.

Once you take a payday loan, you should be cautious and manage your finances well. Since payday loans are easy to take, most people end up in a debt cycle because they begin to rely on such loans. They will repay the loan for the previous month and make another one. With most lenders, they increase the lending limit when you repay the previous loan. You may also be tempted to take a loan up to the lender limit. This means that you will be increasing the amount you borrow and that increases your debt.

If care is not taken, you will end up borrowing more than your monthly salary and because you are completely reliant on payday loans at that point, you may not be able to end the cycle easily. You can avoid this by first treating a payday loan as a one-time solution. It should also be your last resort; you should explore all avenues before getting a payday loan.

When you decide to get one, you should keep it in mind that payday loans are short-term financial solutions and should not be treated as a long-term financial solution. This loan becomes extremely expensive when you treat it as a long-term financial solution.

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