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I Need Money Now
I Need Money Now

When you find yourself in a situation where you need a huge sum of money to settle a bill immediately, you may want to rely on loan companies. If you’re here, you have come to the right place because we respond to calls such as “I need money now.” We will connect you to lenders who will provide you with emergency loans as fast as possible. Irrespective of what your emergency is, our lenders will listen to you and help you in the best way possible.

Be it medical emergencies, or cash to settle your internet or gas bill, our lenders will sort you out. Our lenders will help you out even if you need money to repair your car to get to work the next day. All you need to do is to complete the online form, and you will hear from our next in minutes. Our lenders will not ask for collateral. Their requirements are pretty simple, and you can meet them. The entire process is online, and you do not need to travel to any office to complete the process. Once you have a personal computer and internet connection, you can apply for the loan. Our website is active at all times. However, the loan is usually funded on only business days.

Do I qualify for an online loan?

Our lenders require that you should be at least 18 years old, and you should be a citizen of the United States. You should also have a steady source of income because that is the only way our lenders will know you can pay the loan back. You will also be required to provide your contact information and social security details. You will also be required to provide a valid ID card. The lender will also ask you to give details of an active bank account. In some cases, lenders will run credit score checks on you. These checks may not disqualify you for the loan even if you have bad credit. The lenders only want to know more about your credit history.

When you complete the form, lenders will send in their quotes. You can review the lenders’ quotes and choose the loan package that works for you. Depending on your request, lenders may be willing to offer you payday loans, cash advances, or personal loans. When you choose the lender you want to proceed with, you can notify the lender to continue with the application process. The lender may request for additional documents. The lender will approve your loan when he or she is satisfied with everything.

You will receive the cash in your account after the loan have been approved. You may be required to sign the document online before the cash is given to you. Once you sign the loan forms, the lender will disburse the money into your bank account. All these processes can take between a few hours to the next business day. You will get the cash by the next business day if the loan request is approved.

Once you receive the cash in your account, you can use it for what you need. Most lenders do not limit you on how you should use your money. However, you should read the lender’s terms and conditions to be sure of their conditions.

How do I repay my loan?

The next thing to think about is the repayment of the loan. The lender will discuss the repayment method with you. You can pay directly to the lender on the due date, or you can set up an automatic payment system that allows the system to pay the loan on your behalf on the due date. If you are supposed to make monthly payments, it is recommended that you choose the automatic payments. Since you do not need to keep the due date in mind, all you need to do is to leave enough money in your account at the end of every month.

The payment schedule will depend on the loan package. If it is a payday loan, you are expected to pay back within 30 days. However, with personal loans, the payment schedule varies. You can pay within a couple of months to three years. The exact period will be discussed between you and the lender. The amount you will pay monthly will also depend on the total amount and the repayment duration. If the amount is huge, you may make significant monthly payments. However, our lenders make sure the monthly payments are not too huge to overburden your monthly salary.

When the lender discusses the loan payment methods, due dates, and amounts with you, you should also plan on how to pay the loan adequately. It is essential to pay the loan on time if you want to be able to access fast cash the next time you need one. Our lenders readily grant loans to borrowers who have good reputations with them. It is also essential to pay your loan on time if you want to maintain good credit. Some lenders may report missed payments to the three main credit bureaus, and that may affect your credit score. Missed payments may also attract late fees which are usually expensive.

Interest rates and processing fees

The interest rate varies from one lender to the other. Our lenders inform you about the total amounts you will pay at the end of the period. They will talk to you about the interest rate and the processing fee for the loan. You will be able to calculate the total amount you will be paying at the end of the period. If you have any questions regarding the interest rate or the fees, you should talk to your lender. Our lenders will be glad to clarify any issues regarding interest rates and fees. Since our lenders are direct lenders, you do not need to pay money to an intermediary.

Note to loan requesters

We are not lenders. We are an organization that connects you to direct lenders who will fund your loan. Since we are not lenders, we will share all your loan request details with our lenders. We want to inform borrowers that our lenders are legitimate lenders who take borrowers’ privacy seriously. You do not need to worry about the information you submit on our website. The site is protected with advanced data encryption technology that protects every information you submit to our website. Hence, we encourage all borrowers to submit only valid information. Submitting false information will jeopardize your chances of accessing your loan. You should also read the lender’s privacy policy to know what it entails.

We will also like to inform all borrowers that even though we work with this pool of lenders, we do not have any influence over their decisions. We do not have any influence to determine if your loan is approved or not. If the lender does not approve your loan, he or she may tell you the reasons. You can work on them and apply again. If you have any problems, it is advisable to talk to the lender about it. We cannot address your issue even if you talk to us.

Why choose online lenders over traditional lenders

Our lenders make the online loan more accessible compared to the conventional loans. Although traditional loans have lower interest rates, they take long periods to be approved. It can take up to two weeks to access your loan. So if you need money now, traditional loans are not options. You will need to complete numerous forms to apply for the loan. Most traditional lenders also ask for collateral before they approve your loan. Traditional lenders do not grant small loans, so if you need a little cash to sort out an issue, the conventional lender may not be able to help you. The traditional lenders will not allow you to complete the entire process online. You will need to visit the lender’s office to get the loan approved. Traditional lenders do not grant loans to lenders with poor credit. You will need to meet a long list of requirements to qualify for a loan from traditional lenders. All these means that it is not easy to obtain loans from traditional lenders.

I Need Money Now
I Need Money Now

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