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Instant Cash Advances that will save you money

At some point in your life, you may face some kind of emergency. Trying to get instant access to money may place you in a very tricky and worrying position. Getting instant finance from a payday lender may appear like a good option. But, it may be costly in the end. Luckily, there are better alternatives to instant finance. But first, let’s understand these loans.

Payday advance

A payday advance is typically an unsecured short-term loan. It is also referred to as bad credit loan or instant finance. The period of this loan usually lasts from one to six months. This type of loan is classified as instant because of its approval period. The approved loan amounts are deposited into the requester’s bank account. This is as early as the next business day.

If you are in need of instant money, here are some of the cheapest options that will help you save money.

Request help from a friend or relative

While you may feel embarrassed to seek help, this is a sensitive situation. Thus, you need a quick solution. In any case, if you find an individual who is ready to help, consider making a deal. Have everything written down for future reference. Writing down everything helps to avoid ruining your relationship due to money.

Credit card instead of instant payday loans

If your credit card lets you request for a cash advance and there’s some finance available, try to use it. Even if the interest rate may seem to be high, it is affordable as compared to mortgage advances.

Use your credit card to pay your friend’s bills

This alternative is not as easy as it sounds. It is a bit tricky but doable. All you need is a buddy who is understanding and intends to spend lots of cash. The whole thing here is that you pay for his bill using the credit card. Your friend will then give you the cash. As a result, you get cash without charges to solve the emergency. But keep in mind that you will pay for the purchase interest rate on the card.

If you make full monthly payments, you may not pay any interest. This option needs you to have a trustworthy friend. While it’s one of the best ways to get emergency cash, it is not recommended as long-term option.

Get cash through other means

If you have items in your home that you are not using, they could be of use during an emergency. The reason for selling your stuff is to have a cheap alternative to instant cash advance. This is because it is expensive. Another way is to contact the people who owe you cash to see if you can get some dollars from them. Unlike other methods, this option doesn’t cost anything except your effort and time. There is no credit check and you do not increase your debt. This is a good solution if it can work for you.

Get an installment advance

This is a good option as you can get the finance fast and the interest rate is good as compared to other options. Also, you get to repay the loans over a period of months. Installment advances are not long term financial solutions. The bad thing about an installment advance is that the repayment period is only several months, which can be expensive. However, borrowers often use these loans when in emergencies.

Installment Loans


Even when you are in a tight situation, the last thing you want is to use your hard-earned money to pay extra fees. Before obtaining a single payday advance, ensure that you understand all the available options. If you are stuck, we are here to connect you to the best lender with affordable rates. Fill out that loan request form and let us help you.

Installment Loans

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