Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

The capital you need for your business is just a click away. Whether you want to start a new business or expand an existing one, our lenders can help you to access a loan. Our pool of lenders is waiting for you to complete the loan request form. Once you submit your request, they will review your application and send in their proposals. Our lenders try to make offers that suit your request. You will get the opportunity to review the offers from lenders. You can then choose the offer that you think is most favorable for you. The lender will complete the necessary procedure and then pay the loan into your account.

The loan request process is online, and you can apply from your office or home. The lender will communicate with you through via email and phone call. Lenders may also perform brief credit checks on your company. However, your loan may be approved even if you have bad credit. With us, you do not need to join the small business administration (SBA) loans program to access a loan. We grant loans to most people who apply for loans with us.

Our lenders do not compromise on the privacy of our borrowers. Our website is secure, and all information provided on the website is well protected. Our lenders also provide reliable customer service for all borrowers. You can talk to the lender about any issue concerning the loan. The lender will clarify all issues so that you can take the loan without doubts. Our lenders do not charge upfront fees before the loan application. You will also not pay for the loan form. Our lenders will also not ask for cash before approving your loan. Our lenders know that you are applying for the loan because you need cash and they will not make it any difficult for you.

Is my company eligible?

It does not take much to qualify for small business loans with our lenders. Our lenders will request for the monthly gross sales of the company, the company’s checking account, and contact information. Lenders also require that the company should be within the United States. You may also be required to provide other company details including the age of your business and the annual revenue of your business.

When you provide all these, the lender will verify all your information. If he or she is satisfied with the information you have provided, the lender will approve your loan. The lender will pay the money into your account by the next business day.

Loan repayments and interest rates

The repayment of the loan is equally important. Most lenders set up automatic repayments for borrowers. They do not want you to miss the due date hence they will recommend the automatic repayments. Our lenders will also discuss the due date with you. You will need to make payments on the due date to avoid penalty fees. Late fees are usually expensive, and you will incur more debt when you pay late fees. One good thing about our lenders’ loan repayments is that it is convenient to repay your loan. You do not need to visit a lender office. We know how busy it can get at offices and our lenders do not want you to take time out of your busy schedules to repay a loan.

Our lenders also make their loan package very transparent. They will inform you about the administration fees and the interest rate. There are no agent fees since we connect you to direct lenders. The interest rate is may be a percentage of the amount you are obtaining a loan or a fixed amount. Irrespective of the arrangement, the lender will let you know the amount you will pay an interest rate. Lenders try their best to provide you the loan amount you request for. However, some lenders may offer you a lower amount after analyzing your ability to repay the loan. If your company has low steady sales, the lender may not give you a huge amount as a loan.

Our lenders offer both long-term and short-term loans depending on your request. If you can repay your loan within a short period, it is recommended that you choose high monthly repayments. This will help you to save on interest rates.

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